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Improving Your Vision Health

Our bodies need essential amino acids as these building blocks of protein serve many different functions in the body. These are related to muscle repair, an improvement in the function of cell More »

Improving Vision With Paprika

Many herbs, spices and seasonings we use for cooking are a good way to add flavor to food while making meals tastier and more appealing to our taste buds. However, in terms More »

Foods For Good Health

In the field of natural eye care it is useful to understand certain terms and words that are frequently used by eye care professionals and nutritionists. One such term is the word More »

Revolution Involving Health Care Supplements

Finally, a fully comprehensive personalized system has been introduced to the health supplement industry. The nutritional supplement is based on measurements from single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP’s) found in DNA, and a unique More »

Improving Your Vision Health

Our bodies need essential amino acids as these building blocks of protein serve many different functions in the body. These are related to muscle repair, an improvement in the function of cell membranes in the body and the forming of proteins that act as agents in the metabolism of fats in the body. Taurine is a byproduct of 2 essential amino acids called Cysteine and Methionine. This amino acid serves a variety of useful of functions in the body. Some of these include the metabolism of fats in the body, heart health benefits and some important uses that relate to physical exercise and the sport of bodybuilding. However, did you know that Taurine also improves vision health as well? Therefore, here is some information concerning the benefits of this amino acid in improving vision health as well as other vital applications related to our general health:

Eye Health Benefits: Taurine has been shown to improve the health of the retina in the eyes. More specifically, it improves the function of the rods and the cones in the eyes that are the light sensitive areas of the visual system found

Improve Your Eye Vision

Mind/Body medicine is related to the fact that our general health depends on all the individual parts working together effectively. Eyesight is also dependent upon our total well being which our genetic structure, diet, the work environment and the level of exposure to airborne toxins.

The integrative approach evaluates the person’s lifestyle, habits, diet, exercise routine, and stress management, along with the family history, in determining a therapeutic approach. It attempts to bring in the patient as an active member in the program to maintain eye health.

Improper Eye care can result in:

1. Impaired vision (need of glasses)

2. Cataracts

3. Damaged Retinas

4. Blindness

5. Watering of eyes

6. Pink eyes

7. Dull and tired eyes


    1. Malnutrition
    2. Lack of exercises
    3. Excess of alcohol, coffee, sugar, smoking, refined foods and hydrogenated oils.
    4. Stress
    5. Diabetes


1. Boil 1/2 tp. fennel seed in a cup of water, and boil it back until reduced to half. Sip when warm.

2. Drink lots of water as constipation has

Eye Vision Problems

Vision problems are closely related to the strain that we put on our eyes or the muscles of the eyes. If you are looking to cure the eye diseases or get better vision, then you should know about strain including the sources and how to reduce it by changing our bad habits and using some relaxation techniques. They are going to be explained in this article which will enable you to get on track to get a better vision naturally for years to come.

Sources of Strain

Eyes are the most important and mostly used organs in our body because we use them in every possible way. We use them to see things, read, work and even communicate. We can not image what our lives would become without eyes. Now that you know the importance of our eyes, then we should pay attention to some bad habits that we have formed ever since school age.

Changing bad habits

We are born with pretty sharp eyesight. That sharp vision is maintained until we come to school. School age children have no awareness of what bad habits can

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All Natural Medical advances medical marijuana Florida Marijuana Doctor recommendations to qualified patients throughout the State of Florida. Our goal is to provide a superior patient experience through compassion, education, and thoughtful consideration of our patients needs. We’re the leader Marijuana Doctors in Florida in assisting patients with quality, convenient, reliable, and trustworthy Doctors in Florida  and medical marijuana doctor evaluations in Florida.

Legitimate medical marijuana production is normally done in organic soil. In a modern marijuana producing facility up to 134 varieties of cannabis are grown. From 1993 to 2003 in the United States production of medical marijuana was illegal but tolerated.

The main uses for medical marijuana are counter acting the side effects of chemotherapy treatments, treating chronic pain, increasing the appetite of AIDS/HIV patients, and helping relieve eye pressure in sufferers of glaucoma.

Current research is delving into everything from multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, lung cancer (ironically since smoking marijuana is a known carcinogen), obstructive pulmonary disease, and breast cancer—just to name a few.

Marijuana is probably one of the most versatile medicinal plant in relation to methods of dosage. Illegally gotten marijuana is normally taken in this form, though there are some health

Improving Vision With Paprika

Many herbs, spices and seasonings we use for cooking are a good way to add flavor to food while making meals tastier and more appealing to our taste buds. However, in terms of spices, the qualities of this condiment go way beyond making our favorite foods more palatable but also provide some vital nutrients important in maintaining our general health. One particular spice that possesses a series of health benefits is Paprika. Paprika is a spice that is a popular ingredient in European dishes especially in Hungary. In Hungary this spice is used in the preparation of many European dishes including cheeses, eggs, pastas, meat seasonings and sweet pastries. If you are interested in the health promoting nutrients of spices here is some information regarding the health benefits of Paprika for better eye and general health:

Eye Health Benefits: Due to its bright red color Paprika is in the class of foods called carotenoids, (potent disease fighting plant compounds that give plants and vegetables their red, blue or purple colors). The Carotenoids contained in Paprika are a good source of the vital vision nutrient called Zeaxanthin and also Vitamin A. these are good sources of nutrition for

Foods For Good Health

In the field of natural eye care it is useful to understand certain terms and words that are frequently used by eye care professionals and nutritionists. One such term is the word Phytonutrients. Therefore, what exactly are phytonutrients? These are basically substances that are present in plants that are beneficial to our health with disease fighting properties. Plants actually rely on these natural chemical substances that protect and preserve them from threats such as germs, fungi and bugs.

These natural plant substances are also commonly known as Phytochemicals. Considering the fact that improving eye health is a major concern given the increase in eye conditions and eye diseases, it is important to understand how natural substances can help our vision health and reduce the risks for eye problems.

There is evidence to suggest that foods consisting of phytonutrients are very beneficial not just for general health but vision health as well. This is due in part to their ability to boost the body’s immune system from damaging free radicals.

Here are some additional benefits of consuming foods that are rich in phytonutrients. Such foods consisting of these natural compounds have been known to reduce the

Revolution Involving Health Care Supplements

Finally, a fully comprehensive personalized system has been introduced to the health supplement industry. The nutritional supplement is based on measurements from single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP’s) found in DNA, and a unique blend is comprised for you. These SNPs are the reason for each of us having individual needs, and why we may react differently to prescriptions, foods, and supplements. Finally, after years of DNA testing, you can get exactly what it is your body requires, no more guesswork.

Genetic test results drive a proprietary algorithm that generates a nutritional report that is then linked to an individual “titration matrix.” To compensate for deficiencies found on the report, “genetically selected ingredients” and nutrients, called SNP boosts) are titrated and your individual nutritional formulation is created as a result. This is great in that the supplement is not setting a shelf waiting to be purchased. Your individual formula is fresh and created specifically for you. There are over 177,000 unique combinations possible based on the variations found in each individual DNA string.

Nutritional supplements should not be a one size fits all option, they should provide variations suited to individual needs. They are also bringing this to

Lutein & Carotenoids For the Eyes

Taking the carotenoid lutein for the eyes is a good idea, but you should also try to include more vegetables in your diet. If you aren’t a big vegetable eater, then you need more than lutein for eyes. Here’s what the latest studies have shown.

Researchers in Japan recently measure blood serum levels of a variety of different antioxidants in order to determine which ones were most important for reducing the risk of macular degeneration. They compared the difference in blood levels of people who did not have the disease to those that did. When a doctor recommends lutein for the eyes, it is generally to reduce the risk of macular degeneration or the blindness that can result from it.

There are several types of macular degeneration. The disease can occur in young people. The research found that antioxidant levels were not related to the development of macular degeneration early on in life. That type of the disease is most likely due to genetics. But, they did find that low antioxidant levels were associated with age-related macular degeneration or AMD.

The researchers were aware of the common recommendations of lutein for eyes that suffer from

Vitamins That Enhance Your Eye

There are plenty of reasons why fruits have been embraced by quite a few people across the globe. The fact of the matter is that there is so much of data there on the goodness of eye vitamins that people tend to ignore it. All things considered, you need to ensure that you investigate this topic as much as possible to say the least. Make certain that you are well versed on this topic when it comes to eye vitamins so that you can see how it will help you when it comes to health benefits.

In addition to all that has been said thus far, you also need to ascertain what individual benefits eye vitamins can proffer to you. The honest truth is that fruits like carrots and avocados offer nearly 20 vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals, which take account of 4% of the recommended Daily Value (DV) for vitamin E, 4% vitamin C, 2% iron, 8% folate, 4% fiber, 4% potassium, with 18 micrograms of beta-carotene and 80 micrograms of lutein. As a result, considering eye vitamins, you will be glad that such fruits exist since it really does make available to you with a mass

Natural Health

Remember this song?…”thigh bone connected to the shin bone…shin bone connected to the ankle bone…” it makes me chuckle. I can’t remember the context for this childhood song, but it was a good learning tool about how our body is “mechanically” connected.

There is also a connectedness in our body that is not “mechanical”. There is interconnectedness between body parts that doesn’t make any sense in the “mechanical” model, but it does in the “holistic” model. This is a big part of the difference in conventional medicine and holistic medicine. This holistic interconnectedness has its basis in the Eastern model. For example, acupuncture operates on this theory of interconnectedness – that is why a needle in the toe might help the pain in the neck.

In Chinese medicine and in the eastern healing arts – the eyes are connected to the liver. I learned about this years ago in my macrobiotic cooking classes. When we eat liver supportive foods we can help our eyesight.

My acupuncturist Wayne and I were talking last week about the tremendous health benefits of the Ningxia Red juice. I told him that I increased the amount I was drinking from

Eye Nutrition For Better Health

Most people have heard that carrots are good for the eyes, and in fact carrots are very good for the eyes. Carrots and most other orange colored foods, such as apricots, squash, pumpkin, red peppers and sweet potatoes contain carotene, and the body converts to vitamin A. but the best sources of vitamin A are found in broccoli and spinach. This vitamin is good for night vision and to prevent dry eyes as well as dry skin etc. If you aren’t consuming many of these foods you should supplement your diet with a multiple vitamin that contains around 5000 units of this vitamin.

A multiple vitamin should contain vitamin D and E which is necessary for the body to process vitamin A. Do not over due these oil soluble vitamins because over 20,000 units a day build up in the body and may start to be toxic. It has been reported that after a few months of using more than 50,000 units a day may cause irritability, itching and loss of appetite and later on a loss of hair, enlarged liver, aching bones and abnormal mental behavior.

Vitamin C is found in citrus fruit as well

Guardian of Eye Vision

What is Lutein?

“Lutein” (Xanthophyll) also known as the plant lutein, and also one kind of Carotene that coexist in the nature with the zeaxanthin. Lutein is present in a wide range of vegetables, flowers, fruits, and other natural substances in plants. For example, in spinach, or in a variety of fruits, wheat and egg also contains certain amount of lutein. Based on medical experiments, is proven that lutein is a natural performance of antioxidants. By adding certain amount of lutein in the food can prevent aging of our body organs. At the same time also the prevention of AMD (age-related macular degeneration) caused by eyesight failing and blindness. Not only so, lutein also found as a dye in the nature way.

Lutein and your Eye

Lutein is an important component of the macular in the retina of the yellow film and is a protection of the retina. When lack of lutein, it will cause the yellow spot degeneration and blurred vision easily and appear to deterioration of eyesight, symptoms such as short-sighted. The main physiological function of lutein is as an antioxidants and the protective effect of light. Lutein can absorb a large number

Ways To Improve Your Eye Vision

Do you have a poor vision and wondering how to improve it? Here are tips on how to do it:

Watch What You Eat

It’s very important to watch what you eat. As rule of thumb you should eat foods with nutrients that will help you in improving your vision. One of the nutrients that you should include in your diet is wolfberry. You can find wolfberry in Goji plant. The plant is very popular in Asia. According to professionals, the nutrient aids in relieving oxidative stress that causes cell impairment in the ocular area.

Another nutrient that you should include in your diet is vitamin A. You can find the vitamin in foods such as spinach, apricots, sweet potato, and butternut squash. If you can’t find foods with the vitamin you should consider getting it from supplements. You can also get it by taking an injection.

B12 in another nutrient that you should take in your diet. You can easily get the nutrient from meat products. If you are a vegetarian and can’t eat the products you should consider taking supplements. You can easily find the supplements in health and nutrition stores.

Some Tips to Help Improve Eye Vision

Do you worry about your vision? Do you find that you have to periodically get stronger correction in your glasses or contact lenses?

Most of us experience vision deterioration to some degree. We probably regret this but just think ourselves unlucky, or a natural part of getting older. Most of us probably do not think of other possible causes, unless there is disease or injury. Poor vision is a pretty general term and doesn’t really tell us much. For many people poor vision is the extent of their understanding. They don’t see well. Their vision has deteriorated and now they wear glasses, oh well.

The same may be true for some people with other specific health complaints. It might be pain, cholesterol, fatigue, etc. Some people just want the “quick fix.” “Give me something to stop the pain now.” “Give me a pill.” Many are not so much concerned about the cause of the ailment, just fix it.

The “quick fix” is really just a mask. Take the mask away and the pain, etc. is still there. To a certain degree the same thing can be said about glasses. Millions of people wear glasses and

Eating For Eye Health With Vision Boosting

One of the great ways to feed our eyes the right nutrition for better eyesight is to include fruits with vision supporting nutrients in our diet. An example of a juicy fruit that we can incorporate into our diet to accomplish this goal is the pineapple. This fruit is filled with vitamins, enzymes and minerals that support and protect eye health. This juicy but tart tropical fruit native to the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, consists of Beta- carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and when fully ripened, offers full nutritional benefits in terms of antioxidant protection. Therefore, here are some nutritional benefits of Pineapples for better eyesight and general health.

Eye Health Benefits: This sweet tasting tropical fruit consists of vitamin C; an immune system booster that helps the body maintain the healthy function of connective tissue, including collagen found in the cornea of the eyes. It’s a powerful antioxidant that protects our eyes against the negative effects of free radicals that damage eye cells. Therefore, it reduces the risk for macular degeneration. Additionally, it consists of Beta- carotene; an important vision supporting nutrient that improves poor eyesight.

It has Anti – inflammatory Properties: It consists

Natural Health

In the modern world, both at work and at play, your eyes are bombarded with artificial light. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider natural health eye care, to offset the considerable eyestrain, that can result from the effects of batteries of fluorescent lights.

So, in your lunch break, and on your way to and from work, give yourself a natural eye care break, simply by staying outdoors away from artificial lighting. Of course there are many people who compound eye strain from fluorescent lighting, by spending large amounts of their leisure time watching TV.

Television has its place, but if it becomes habitual, eyestrain will result. Parents in particular, should protect their children, and in the interests of natural health eye care limit TV viewing to sensible proportions.

So, what can natural health eye care offer tired eyes, to reduce the consequences of artificial light? There are herbs, which are thought to be beneficial. For instance, you could lie down for a short period, and cover each eye with a warm chamomile, elderflower, or fennel teabag.

It might not be a good idea to do this in the office, as colleagues might

Eye Vision – Losing Eyesight?

If you are experiencing a loss of eye vision and think that it would be treated on its own then you are soon going to be an inevitable part of a World Health Organization’s statistical list – the list of people losing their eye sight every year.

It is important to understand and act as soon as you start experiencing the first signs of diminishing eyesight. This is because while timely eye specialist consultation and treatment can help you stay protected and regain your eye vision, a delayed eye treatment can mean losing your precious assets – eyes. No one wants to lose his or her eyes and you are surely not an exception but you can be an exception if you neglect the early signs of losing eye sight. Never try treating your eyes on your own as that can prove to be a disastrous situation. Always rely on qualified eye specialist advice and take as much as safety precautions to guard your eyes as you can. In this regard, the use of sunglasses and protective eyewear is highly imperative and recommended.

If you have children at home, make every possible effort to ensure that

How to Improve Eye Vision Naturally

Are you suffering from different eye related ailments like myopia, cataract or far sightedness? Are you tired of wearing glasses and contact lenses? If you are looking for the effective solution to improve your eye vision naturally then you have come to the right place. There is a strong correlation in between our diet and our eyes. Research has proved that healthy eating can improve our eyesight naturally. Read more to find out how you can throw away your glasses in few days permanently.

The following are some simple yet very effective diet changes you can do in order to improve your eyesight gradually.

1) Include lots of green vegetables and fruits: Green vegetables and fruits contain rich proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for the proper nutrition of our brain as well as our eyes. Avoid homogenized or pasteurized milk because they usually block our arteries and create problems for the blood circulation to our eyes. You can eat lots of spinach, beans, celery, cucumber, etc. to provide nutrition to our eyes.

2) Avoid processed foods: Outside junk food is usually processed and deep fried. Processed foods can affect our vision and overall health

Learn to Improve Your Eye Vision

Relaxation techniques are an essential method used to improve eye vision. It aids to lower eye strain and enables your eyes to tranquilize and see things more thoroughly. It alleviates undesirable tenseness and makes you to really feel better. Apart from all these, it also has a positive effect on your eyes health. What it does for the eyes is to enable you to spot things more visibly and able you to concentrate on an object without feeling strained.

The most difficult section of relaxation is the ability to still the mind. Thinking go at a speedy rate and the more of the things you have in your mind to carry out raises so will your speeding thinking do so. Closing up the eye to fully relax it is a hard section of full relaxation, but the fact is that it can be done. The means to do it is by taking away every atom of energy from the head down to the whole body and off through your feet. This may sense as if it is hanky panky, but it really functions by a method referred to as breathing out of the feet. It helps to

Eye Vision Nutrition

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about reversing blurry vision naturally. Can regaining 20/20 vision back with natural eye exercises and eye vision nutrition really be achieved?

New studies are now confirming a connection between what you eat in relation to how your eyes perform.

Increasing your physical activity and maintaining a well-balanced diet will indeed improve the quality of your life and help preserve and improve your eye sight.

Keep in mind, anything you do that affects your cardiovascular system has the potential to damage or repair your eyesight. This includes exercises and eye vision nutrition. Any change in blood supply to the eyes can cause blockage, resulting in blurry or loss of vision. Improper diet and lack of exercise has been the catalyst for many with Type 2 diabetes which can then lead to diabetic retinopathy and eyesight loss.

A balanced diet containing the 3 major sources of fuels are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. These are necessary to keep our bodies, minds and eyes healthy and strong. Omega 3 fatty acids in fish, low fat proteins in chicken and legumes, whole grains and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are